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Although cleansing is the essential first step in most skincare routines, it's often overlooked. Clarisonic has put their scientific expertise to good use in helping to avoid that by creating these easy-to-use tools for healthier skin.
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Acting as a sonic micro-massaging tool, the cleansing systems gently penetrate the skin at 300 movements per second. The flexing action between the outer and inner brushes works deep within the pores to loosen dirt and oil, while the back and forth oscillating motion of the inner brush effectively cleans, clarifies, and stimulates the skin. Without putting stress on collagen fibers, which some techniques might do, the sonic technology works gently and effectively to provide a safe form of skincare without over-cleansing.

Sonic cleansing benefits:
  • 6 times more makeup removal
  • Soft, smooth skin
  • Cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • Reduces appearance of oily areas, dry skin patches, and blemishes
  • Reduces the appearance of visible pores
Power on a Clarisonic tool and see for yourself why spas, celebrities, and dermatologists swear by their unmatched benefits!
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