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Your First Massage

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If this is your first massage, your only job during the session is to breathe, relax, and to be nurtured...
  • Breathe: During the massage there are a few things to choose from as far as your attention goes. The music, my hands, the sensations on your skin and muscles, etc. At any given time if you are not sure where to place your attention –your breathing is always a good choice. That doesn’t mean you’ll be hyperventilating or “trying” to breathe in any particular way. Just notice how you are breathing, pay attention to it every now and again.
  • Relax: If you are not familiar with massage you may have some image of someone hacking away at your muscles with “karate” chops. Or, beating your muscles into submission or bending your body into a pretzel. This is not what the methods at Kneading Wellness or most other modern massage techniques look like. It is about relaxing while your muscles benefit from many years of experience, so. My table is very comfortable, the aromatherapy oils are designed to help you further relax and the music will help to carry you away.
  • Be Nurtured: That's your job during the session. This is YOUR massage, time you've set aside for some well deserved nurturing. A Guru once told me “If you are too busy to meditate, you are too busy.” That’s how I feel about massage. If you keep thinking “I’ll relax and take time for myself tomorrow…” You will find a huge store of yesterdays filled with pain from accumulated stress much more quickly than you ever imagined. Or, perhaps you are already there...

Tips: Here are some suggestions and things to remember for a pleasant massage experience. Read more>>
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